William Richardson ( the third generation to be a part of the family business) is working hard after an unfortunate crash in April 2022 which left him with a broken femur causing his first potential season of racing come to an end before it had really started. By 2023 Williams leg had healed and he was selected by Mildenhall Speedway to be part of their team for the season. This was just what he’d been hoping for and he had a successful year where he learnt a lot and overall had a good experience racing and scoring some points, unfortunately this came to an end in his last meeting of the season where the rider in front of him fell off and with no where else to go William hit his bike which sent him up in the air resulting in another broken leg needing major surgery! With this news William was told it would be a long healing process meaning he would not be able to race in the 2024 season. We have pleasure in supporting William and wish him and all the team (on and off track) a safe and successful year in all they do.
This season 22 year old Norfolk talent Jordan Jenkins is riding for premier league Ipswich Witches as well as championship league Oxford Cheetahs. Jordan started his racing career at a young age and his love and skill for the sport is clear to see in his now professional british racing. We are proud to support Jordan and wish him a safe and successfull season.